I went through the work of locking all my old posts a little over a month ago, in preparation for coming back to Dreamwidth again. I've been checking my feed fairly often, what little there is of it, but... I guess I was expecting words to come to me this time, in a way that, in retrospect, they never have before. I feel like I should use this platform to put into words the things I've never dared speak aloud, my thoughts and hopes and fears. I suppose time will tell what I actually end up doing.

In other news, I totally forgot to take my medicine last night. There have been times when this may have mattered little, but with my current cocktail of drugs, missing a dose tends to leave me... mentally incapacitated. I'm able to write this at all, however slowly, because I realized my mistake when I woke up this morning and took it immediately. I am still thoroughly trapped in what seems like endless brain fog. I'm hoping that I can find my way out sooner rather than later and get to work.
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